Trustees Report

Trustees Report Vahora Voice UK (VVUK)

For the year ended 31st March 2020

1. Charity’s Aims:
1.1 The Bharuchi Vahora Community had no collective platform, hence, we are creating this collective platform
1.2 The Bharuchi Vahora Community had no collective group, hence, we are creating this collective group
1.3 The Bharuchi Vahora Community had no network and no communication mechanism, hence, we are creating Bharuchi Vahora network and communication mechanism
1.4 To create Bharuchi Vahora voice and to engage within and within the wider societies around us
1.5 To become an effective voice, and to become effective platform for Bharuchi Vahora Community from local to global

2. Charity’s Objectives:
2.1 Uniting and empowering Bharuchi Vahora Community and connecting generations through education, culture, literature, art, social events and media, which would eventually also enable us to connect with wider Ummah (the world) as well
2.2 Preservation of Bharuchi Vahora heritage and history
2.3 Promotion of Bharuchi Vahora heritage and history
2.4 On-going Bharuchi Vahora Community Research and Data Collection
2.5 Creating recreational and health facilities
2.6 Engaging and connecting young Vahoras with our heritage, and roots
2.7 Creating an informative and educational website and social media platform for Bharuchi Vahoras
2.8 Creating Bharuchi Vahora network from local to global
2.9 Creating a Bharuch Vahora think tank

3. VVUK Core values:
3.1 Unite
3.2 Engaging
3.3 Credible
3.4 Accountable
3.5 Reliable
3.6 Transparent
3.7 We value our people (Founder members, Advisors, Volunteers, Residents, Service Users, Our Partners/stakeholders, Funders)
3.8 We value citizens in an equitable and fair manner irrespective of their age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith or belief

4. The Following Policies Are In Place: (subjected to annual review and approval)
4.1.1 Volunteering Policy
4.1.2 Health and safety Policy
4.1.3 The Confidentiality and Safeguarding Policies
4.1.4 The Data Protection Policy
4.1.5 The Harassment Policy
4.1.6 The Equal Opportunity Policy
4.1.7 The Conflict of Interest Policy
4.1.8 The Lone Working Guidelines
4.1.9 The “Whistleblowing” Policy
4.1.10 Resolving Problems, Dispute and Concerns Policy

5. An Overview of Activities and Progress March 2020:
5.1 Ongoing community consultation and networking throughout UK with Bharuchi Vahora Community and other respective members of the society
5.2 Quarterly publication of the VVUK magazine focusing on community news, success stories, children and women corner, youth voice, literature and history of Bharuchi Vahoras, highlighting guests from abroad, highlighting achievement of Bharuchi Vahoras
5.3 We have been hosting a series of regular “Community Recognition Events” to recognise and honour achievers and those for their outstanding community services from the Bharuchi Vahora community in the UK and around the world
5.4 Developed “Bharuchi Vahora Website” including “Bharuchi Vahora Matrimonial Website” which is functioning very successfully. This website is offering a user friendly confidential service which is secured under the Data Protection Act. VVUK’s primary aim and target is to offer an introductory service for our young Bharuchi Vahora to find a suitable life partner
5.5 VVUK Media Project has been in operation. VVUK International Radio is being broadcasted and so far, more than 50,000 has been in tune with VVUK Radio in more than 22 countries
VVUK launched two appeal, VVUK Covid – 19 India Appeal and VVUK Covid-19 UK Appeal. We are also playing our vital and wider role in charity sectors, helping vulnerable people and society at large during difficult time
5.7 VVUK now have regional consultation sub committees in towns like Blackburn, Preston, Leicester, and London. These regional sub committees will eventually become VVUK North, VVUK Midland and VVUK South in order to have VVUK National Umbrella Body of Bharuchi Vahora Community living in the UK. This national body then will get connected with World Vahora Bharuchi Federation (WVBF)
5.8 VVUK was successfully launched in May 2018. More than 150 high powered individuals attended the launched ad endorsed VVUK and its aims/objectives
5.9 VVUK Constitution is in placed with the appointment of Trustees, Executive Committee Members, and Advisory Body
5.10 VVUK has now its own office and staff and volunteers
5.11 So far, VVUK has represented Vahora Community in more than 25 high powered meetings, seminars, conferences, and conventions
5.12 VVUK has formed successful and mutual partnership with Bolton Muslim Welfare Trust – UK (BMWT) and World Bharuchi Vahora Federation – India (WBVF-India
5.13 Sustained and developed network, connecting Vahoras from local to global

We are developing all our ongoing projects within our limited resources. The funding for new projects is a big challenge under the current climate of limited resources, however, we are pleased to say that we have initiated a project called, “Community Heritage”, in collaboration with other Community Organisations, empowering community members in different respective areas.
The VVUK wants to create and sustain a society where all its citizens are valued, respected, happy and healthy. We are committed to helping disadvantaged individuals and also vulnerable individuals of our area. We also give a platform to everybody to reach to their potential. Through our campaigns, projects and community outreach we seek to influence policy, behaviour and perception so that we can create a positive and inclusive environment in which all can have a better chance in life. All our service users are at the heart of all we do. Our approach is based on community empowerment and are community oriented.

At VVUK, we are all volunteers; we have no paid staff as mentioned at the beginning of this report. Hence, without the Trustees support the Association would not have come a long way. All the members of the Executive Committee, Advisory Group, again, all offering their services voluntarily, and of course all the volunteers, without your kind and generous support, enthusiasm and help we would not have been able to share the success story of the VVUK. So, a big thank you to all of you.
We would also like to thank our funding partners, event partners, our associates, our wonderful business entrepreneurs , our stakeholders, our service users and our visionary advisors for their ongoing support, without their outstanding contribution, dedication and commitment we could not have achieved what we have achieved so far, which is something we as the community should be proud of.

Trustees of Vahora Voice UK (VVUK) – March 2020


Responsibilities of the Trustees:

The Trustees are responsible for preparing the trustees’ report and the financial statements in accordance with applicable law and the United Kingdom Accounting Standards on the advice of the appointed accountant.

Charity legislation requires the trustees to prepare financial statements for each financial year which give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the charity and the group and of the incoming resources and application of resources, including the income and expenditure, of the charity group for that period. In preparing these financial statements, the trustees are required to: (of course with the advice of an appointed accountant)

  • Select suitable accounting policies and then apply them consistently
  • Make judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent
  • Prepare the financial statements on a going concern basis unless it is inappropriate to presume that the charitable group will continue in operation

The trustees are responsible for safeguarding the interest of the said charity, including the keeping of proper accounting records that disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time the financial position of the charity and enable that the financial statements comply with the relevant legislations.
The trustees are also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the charity and the group hence for taking reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities. The trustees are responsible for the overall maintenance and integrity of the charity accordingly.
Approved by the trustees – Vahora Voice UK – VVUK (March 2020)

Prepared by on behalf of VVUK’s Trustees

Imtiaz Patel Varediawala Dip., MSc.
CEO and Lead Member and Volunteer
VVUK – March 2020