Welcome to VVUK

Vahora Voice (VVUK) was founded in 2017 by like minded individuals (Meet the Team), who recognised the huge potential in the Indian Bharuchi Vahora community within the UK, who have worked and lived in England since 1950’s.

The aim is to empower and promote the Bharuchi Vahora Community heritage by engaging through education, cultural and social events. Hence, bridge the generational gaps within the community and connect all age groups and gende to their cultur, heritage and to broader society.


VVUK is a charity dedicated to helping those in desperate need. The reasons for their suffering could be due to conflict or natural disaster, either way we offer them an element of hope and positivity. These people can be suffering in many ways; whether its homelessness, hunger or illness, but more often than not a multitude of each. They turn to Organisations such as VVUK for care when there is no one else. We adhere to a 100% donations policy , ensuring every penny you have donated reaches the poor and most needy . We work hard to get our projects off the ground as quickly as possible. Recent projects have involved helping those who have been affected by natural disasters, such as the covid pandemic in India , Fire at the welfare Hospital Bharuch. We provided temporary shelter and food packs to help those who had lost everything, Emergency medical assistance. We also work on longer-term projects to help give people a future. This includes building education centres and providing educational materials to help give those in need a chance at a better life. We believe education is a vital tool to help empower those in need and ensure they can take control of their own lives. As a charity we understand the impact that loosing relatives and loved ones can have, which is why we set up widow sponsorships. These aim to offer counselling and comfort to those who need it, allowing them to start to see past the pain and focus on the future. Our projects vary depending on different crises that happen but overall we aim to deliver a mixture of short immediate relief, as well as long term projects that can continue to help people over a longer period of time. All our projects carry the same level of importance with the focus being to help as many of those in need as we can. As a team we’re dedicated to continuing the work we do as we aim to help as many as we can to start to make the world a safer and happier place. To date, thousands of people, families, widows and orphans benefitted from the projects and programmes we’ve implemented over the past 5 years, by improving the wellbeing of humanity, providing opportunities for women and the disabled. Programmes and projects VVUK has implemented, so far, includes: 

▪ Disaster relief operations in India, Africa 

▪ Feeding the poor through our Ramadan food packs and Qurbani projects in India , 

▪ Education for orphaned children and training programmes for women in India; ▪ Furtherance of Islam through building of mosques and sponsoring Madrasas for young girls India;

▪ Partnership with hospitals in India to provide lifesaving operations and treatment to the very poor;

▪ Adopting orphanages in India,

▪ Building homes for the elderly in; India

▪ Widow pension in India;

▪ Livelihood programmes in India , 

▪ Water pump installation in India,

▪ Yearly Shaadi for destitute women in India.

▪ Providing food packs , Emergency aid to the Oppressed

 VVUK is committed to transparency by publishing yearly accounts report online and a presentation of projects done and programmes undertaken during our yearly Donor’s Charity Dinner. VVUK complies and abides by the codes, rules and guidelines set out by the Commission when planning and implementing projects and programmes. All charitable works and fundraising carried out by VVUK strictly observes the Codes of Practice and Guidelines of the Charity Commission as well as that of the Fundraising Standards Board when raising funds and collecting donations. Partner organisations undertaking and implementing projects and programmes, funded and supported by VVUK, also follows strict guidelines in accordance with the codes, rules and guidelines of the Charity Commission. A Memorandum of Understanding, laying out the rules, responsibilities and accountabilities of parties, is agreed, drafted and signed when working with other organisations.