Get Involved

We are always looking for volunteers and for those who wish to become a part of VVUK team with the following qualities:

What qualities should we look for our volunteers, for our members and for VVUK team players?

  • Open Mind and Freedom of Thoughts
  • Broad Interest and Sound Abilities
  • Individuals with Vision and Wisdom – Know…Focus…Build…Concentrate!
  • Communication Skills
  • Maturity (Thoughtfulness, Impartiality, People Knowledge, Courage, Dignity)
  • Motivational Strengths
  • Social Skills
  • Ability and understanding to work as an effective team member
  • Administrative Ability

To become volunteer or to become a part of VVUK winning team, please submit your brief bio-data to VVUK admin at:
VVUK Email:

“Each one of us is seriously individually, but with common goal working together we become community.”