May 2018 – VVUK Launch


The launch of VVUK took place on Saturday 12th May 2018, at Bolton Excellency, Conference Centre, Bolton, UK. The Chief Guest at the event were Hon. Mr Mohammed Munshi of Chorley and the Guest of Honour was Mr Ibrahim Bhailok. The event was attended by over 100 prominent people from the Vahora Community. VVUK is committed to the empowerment of the Bharuchi Vahora Community in Britain. The event gave opportunity for community interaction and consultation regarding the activities to be undertaken by this organisation.

The programme was compered by Imtiaz Patel Varediawala. The main speakers were VVUK Chairperson Dilavar Dasantwala, Ibrahim Bhailok, Yousuf Bhailok, Yasmin Ali, Sajid Ali, Moulana Ilyas Dalal, Mahek Tankarvi, Yakub Patel and Iqbal Dhoriwala. Mr Mohammed Munshi had sent an apology along with his message, wishing VVUK a success and for bright future.

Dilawar Dasantwala said, “We are aware that several attempts to create an organisation of our Vahora Community were made in the past and for some reasons it has not materialised. We, collectively have learnt a few lessons from the past experience. We put our faith in Allah and in our new enthusiastic team and would like to make a fresh attempt with innovative and creative approach. We need your support.”

Sajid Ali said, “In Leicester we are on our way to make a difference with our Vahora Community initiatives and activities. Challenges will come in the way but we must not get defeated by these challenges.”

Moulana Ilyas Dalal said, “Our society need to be more proactive and must strive for excellence in every field.”

Yasmin Ali said, “Women have equal role to play in social, cultural, economic and political life. I would like to see more Vahora women coming forward participating in this organisation.”

Mahek Tankarvi, “Uniting and empowering Bharuchi Vahora Community and connecting generations through education, cultural-social event and media is vital. VVUK should pursue this.”

Iqbal Dhoriwala said, “All other communities have their own organisations and doing great for their own communities. Why Vahora community yet don’t have its umbrella organisation? We should ask this question to ourselves. VVUK is the answer.”

Yousuf Bhaiok said, “Vahora Community is very vibrant and full entrepreneur people. Our Gujarati culture, language, heritage and traditions are the best. Let’s preserve these by supporting organisation like VVUK.”

Chief Guest Mohammed Munshi said in his massage, “Please accept my apology for not being able to attend this very important an historic gathering. I wish you all best wishes. It is time to think and act for VVUK in order to unite and empower Bharuchi Vahora Community.”

Guest of Honour Ibrahim Bhailok in his presidential address said, “I can’t emphasised how important it is for Bharuchi Vahora community to unite for common good. Time has come

where every Bharuchi Vahora person need to unite and support community organisation like VVUK.”

Apart from speeches, the event was open for debate and discussion. It was suggested by the participants that VVUK should undertake three projects on priority basis. 1) Creating a network to facilitate matrimonial relationship. 2) Identify and honour the talents in the community and those who have served the community 3) to initiate the process of setting up a Bharuchi Vahora Community Centre in the Northwest of England.

The whole event was vidoegrafed. And there was a live social media telecast. It was viewed by hundreds and thousands of people not only in the UK but also in the USA, Canada, South Africa, UAE and India. Viewers have made very encouraging comments, stressing the need for such an organisation for the well-being and progress of the Vahora Community in Britain and around the world.

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