April 2019 – Leicester Consultation Meeting

Ongoing consultation with Leicester Team – April 2019

VVUK North Team and our visiting guest, Hon Secretary of the World Bharuchi Vahora Foundation (WBVF-India) visited Leicester Team for ongoing consultation about the formation and future plans of Bharuchi Vahora community empowerment initiatives and activities. One of the main focus of this consultation meeting was, how to encourage more Bharuchi Vahoras to come forward to join this movement and how to encourage more and more Bharuchi Vahoras to participate in the mainstream British politics. It was emphasised that we must support and encourage Bharuchi Vahoras to join political parties and take part in the mainstream political activities. We also must prepare qualified political leaders and representatives in order to take Bharuchi Vahora community’s interest further. Creating qualified and professional political leadership at every level should be one of our priorities.