June 2019 – VVUK Recognition Event

The wonderful event to honour the great achievements and acknowledge the sacrifices of our elders, and launch of Vahora matrimonial project took place on Saturday, 8 June 2019, at The 3D Hall, Bolton, UK.

The Rt Hon Madam Mayor of Chorley Hon Councillor Hasina Khan was the Chief Guest with Hon Escort Zafar Khan. Guests of Honours were Yousuf Bhailok, Saeed Manubari, Sajid Ali, Former Councillor Salim Patel, Mohamed Hanif Sufi and Mohammed Iqbal Essa. The event was attended by over 600 people including over 150 women, prominent people from the Vahora Community in Britain such as Matliwala Family, Bhailok Family, Dilavar Dasanwala Family, Mohammed Munshi Family, Sajid Ali Family, Salya Family, Irfan Bala Family, Zubeir Bajibhai Patel Family, Yakub Musa Bajibhai Family, Altaf Saeed Seth Family, and Inayat Gani Family.

VVUK is committed to unite and empower the Bharuchi Vahora Community in Britain. The highlight of the event was to launch VVUK Matrimonial project and to recognise unsung heroes of the Bharuchi Vahora Community for their lifetime community services and dedication for lifelong Khidmat-e-Khalq.

The following Bharuchi Vahora heroes were recognised in the event for their outstanding lifelong services for the advancement of the community;

Bolton: Haji Yakoobbhai Musa Patel, Haji Adambhai Ally Mohamad, Haji Bashirbhai Ahmed Chadat, Haji Yakoobbhai B. Bhutawala, Haji Haroonbhai Patel, Haji Qari Yakubbhai Ibrahim Nanji, Haji Safibhai Kaviwala, Mrs Yasminben Adam Dauda, Mrs Nasreen Patel.

Blackburn: Marhum Haji Lord Adambhai Patel, Haji Dawoodbhai Premi, Haji Abdullahbhai Master Paguthanvi, Haji Musabhai Haldarvi, Haji Ebrahimbhai Jangaria, Haji Valibhai Bharuchi (EuroGarage), Ms Firoza Mohammed Hamraaz Group).

Preston: Haji Ibrahimbhai Mohammad Ali Badin, Haji Abdullahbhai Kamal Master, Haji Moosabhai Ahmed Valli Karpetia, Haji Mohammedbhai Waja, Haji Umarjibhai Argamawala, Haji Abdulbhai Dhal, Haji Ibrahimbhai Matliwala.

Dewsbury: Haji Adambhai Davi Karmadwala, Haji Moulana Yakubbhai Munshi Kaviwala, Haji Abdulbhai Patel.

Manchester/Salford: Haji Ismailbhai Kaduji, Haji Dawoodbhai Fojdar.

Chorley: Haji Ibrahimbhai Khansaheb.

The Honouring and well-wishes messages were read out by VVUK Steering Committee members Yacoobbhai Mank, Dilavarbhai MajiPatel, and Usmanbhai Gani Sansroadwala. The awards were presented by the Chief Guest Rt Hon Madam Mayor of Chorley Councillor Hasina Khan.

The main speakers were VVUK Chairperson Dilavarbhai Dasanwala welcomed the guests, Abbasbhai Sufi presented a visual and audio of VVUK’s vision, objectives and values, Yousufbhai Bhilok highlighted the importance of the Vahora Organisation, Saeedbhai Manubari, Sajid Ali, Hussain Suleman Niyasa talked about the importance of Vahora network and working collectively for future generation, Inayat Omerji expressed the role of media in the Vahora community.

One of the focal points of the event was to launch VVUK Matrimonial project, which was presented by one of the VVUK team member and part of the Matrimonial Committee Ishakbhai Jarman. VVUK also launched the Brief Biography of Late Hon Mohammed Munshisaheb compiled by Dr Adam 2 Tankarvi and Yacoob Mank. The biography was launched by England cricketer Haseeb Hameed and Mustaqbhai Munshi.

The programme was facilitated by Imtiazbhai Patel Varediawala. The vote of thanks was conducted by VVUK Vice Chairperson Iqbalbhai Dhoriwala. The event was sponsored by The 3D Hall, New Claims, Franco’s Bakery Ltd, Saffron Kitchen, Meade Law Solicitors, Jarman Directs, 5 Star Waitering, Hotprint Design.

The whole event was video graphed by BBuzz Community Media Centre team. It was live social media telecasted and viewed by many thousands of people not only in the UK but also in India, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa and UAE. Those who attended this event and viewers from the around the world have made very encouraging comments, stressing the need for such an organisation like VVUK for the wellbeing and empowerment of the Vahora Community in Britain and around the world.

Vahora Voice UK (VVUK) Website – http://www.vahoravoice.co.uk

Vahora Voice UK (VVUK) email – vvukbolton@gmail.com