June 2019 – Mayor’s Civic Dinner

VVUK Team, Chair Dilavarbhai Vali Dasanwala, VVUK Officer Imtiaz Patel Varediawala, VVUK Well Wishers/ Advisors Yusufbhai Bhilok, Ibrahimbhai Saleh Khansaheb attending Mayor’s Civic Dinner, Chorley. VVUK Team was invited to attend the Mayor’s Civic Dinner by The Rt Hon Madam Mayor of Chorley Councillor Hasina Khan and Her Consort Rt Hon Mr Zafar Khan, at the Chorley Town Hall, Chorley, Lancashire. More than 150 political, social, community, entrepreneurs, NGOs representatives attended this very high profile civic event. One of the main aim is to welcome New First Female Indian Mayor of Chorley and also to create a network of people from different diversity and background to enhance community cohesion and community partnership in respective fields for the betterment of the community in general.
The Rt Hon Madam Mayor of Chorley Councillor Hasina Khan was the first British Indian Gujarati Muslim female Councillor to be elected in the history of Lancashire and Chorley-UK in 2006 and in May 2019-she is the first Indian Gujarati Muslim female Mayor which is also in the history of Lancashire and Chorley. Daughter of Haji Abdulbhai Ibrahim Khansab Argamawala, hence, Madam Mayor Councillor Hasina Khan has a roots in Argama, Gujarat, India.