Question : Is this really for you?

  • Are you tired of searching through Muslim matrimonial websites where quite simply the majority of profiles are a million miles away from what you are looking for?
  • Are you looking for a professional and practicing Muslim marriage partner who shares an active passion for Islam?
  • Does the level of religious awareness your partner has, have a significant importance in your criteria for an ideal marriage partner
  • If you have answered “YES” to all the above questions then Vahora Voice Matrimonial is the right choice.

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We are sorry to inform that due to COVID-19 there are limitations on the face to face meeting

If you have filled in the Matrimonial application form, and can’t see your profile, please              contact the VVUK Matrimonial team on: vvukmatrimonial@gmail.com

How it works

1. Create Your Profile

Register your profile online – tell us your name, age, height, education, profession, marital status, personality and requirements so we know what we need to look for! Your profile will be activated within 72 hours to start the process.

 2. Match Making

Please search for your match from the relevant Male/Female profile section to find suitable matches for you.

Once you have found your matches (Max three allowed per request), please email your preferences to vvukmatrimonial@gmail.com

Our Team will contact your preferences for meeting or further discussions.

3. Contact

VVUK will facilitate your meeting with the interested party either on an earliest available opportunity or at the Matchmaking Event which will be organised from time to time.

And you will be notified in advance of the date, time and venue of the Matchmaking event.


With the mercy and blessing of Allah and great help of Vahora Voice Matrimonial, we got a partner for our girl. It is the most preferable site for matrimonial site other than any one. We recommend this site for all and thanks to the crews of this site.
Sana Patel
Alhamdullilah! I was looking for bride in most of the offsite and online places, however after coming to Vahora Voice Matrimonial, it seems the whole process is lot more easier simpler and fast. Vahora Voice Matrimonial is very good online platform to know and meet each other and islamic way of nikah.
Salman Patel
Head Of Sales