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  • Are you tired of searching through other matrimonial mediums where profiles are no match to what you are looking for?
  • Are you looking for a professional and practicing Muslim marriage partner who shares an active passion for Islam?
  • The level of religious awareness has a significant importance in an ideal marriage partner.
  • You have come to the right place at Vahora Voice Matrimonial portal.

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With the mercy and blessing of Allah and great help of Vahora Voice Matrimonial, we got a partner for our girl. It is the most preferable site for matrimonial site other than any one. We recommend this site for all and thanks to the crews of this site.
Sana Patel
InshaaAllaah it will be a great success. I’ve forwarded the video and link to over 500 people and I’m still sending to many more Ishaaq bhai. May Allaahtaalaa bless the event and make it a great success. My full support is behind the event
Mawlana Muhammad Javed
Daarul Arqam, Preston - 19 August 2021
Alhamdullilah! I was looking for bride in most of the offsite and online places, however after coming to Vahora Voice Matrimonial, it seems the whole process is lot more easier simpler and fast. Vahora Voice Matrimonial is very good online platform to know and meet each other and islamic way of nikah.
Salman Patel
Head Of Sales
I have noticed the video clip of advertising regarding matrimonial event to be organized by you and some eminent members of our community (VVUK) which is the utmost needs of our society nowadays. My best wishes and prayers are always with you for the success of the noble work and may Allah Almighty bless you all and give you the best reward and success for the event. Ameen. Salam to all members of the organization.
Ismail Saheb Khunawala
London - 19 August 2021

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