Hon Hazrat Shokat Bawa Saheb’s Visit to VVUK office and BBuzz Chanel – April 2019

Hon Hazrat Janab Sayed Shoukat Ali Ashrafi Bava saheb visited VVUK office in the month of May 2019. Hon Shoukat bava saheb is the Head of Madni Welfare Foundation-UK/India. The Madni Welfare Foundation is one of the most reputable names in Gujarat-India and around the world. The Madni Welfare Foundation provides quality free education, local community focused health-care facilities, and also organises social welfare related charitable activities in Karjan-Gujarat-India and also in surrounding areas. Sabri High School-Karjan, Markaz Public School (English Medium) and Madni Hospital are their main public welfare projects based at Miyagam Karjan-Gujarat-India. During his visit to VVUK and Bbuzz Studio, he briefed the VVUK team about their welfare projects. He recognised the importance of having VVUK and Bbuzz Media Studio as an having effective community and media voices. He congratulated the team for their excellent work of uniting and empowering Bharuchi Vahoras. He was accompanied by Haji Gulam Patel, Haji Afroz Ashrafi and other guests.