Hon. Shohel Tirmizi’s UK visit – BBuzz & VVUK – April 2019

Mr Shohel Tirmizi, Advocate Gujarat High Court-India, Vice President Lok Hit Prakasan, Trustee Gujarat Today and Human Rights Activist visited VVUK Office and BBuzz Studio-Bolton-UK. He gave an interview talking about his challenging but successful journey to become an advocate and champion of human rights and media. After his interview at BBuzz studio, we hosted a Welcome Reception at Step Hall, Bolton, inviting over 100 community activists, community representatives, businessmen. Editor, Producer of BritAsian Buzz Magazine /BBuzz Channel and Host Faruk Ugharadar welcomed guests. Dilavar Vali (Chairperson of VVUK), Mahek Tankarvi (President of Gujarati Writers Guild-UK), Yakub Bhutawala (Community/Social Activist), Iqbal Dhoriwala (Vice Chairperson of VVUK), Ahmad Lunat OBE (Chairperson of Gujarati Writers Forum Batley) delivered speeches on community empowerment and progress. Janab Shohel Tirmizi delivered Chief Guest speech emphasising importance of having effective community platform and community media. The programme was conducted by Imtiaz Patel Varediawala. Gujarati Writers Guild UK poets and Gujarati Writers Forum poets shared their poetry with the audience. Mushaira was conducted by Siraj Paguthanvi. Programme ended with questions and answers and with delicious Gujarati Dal Ghost and Chawal with Jarda. Mr Turmizi then visited to Batley. He was hosted by Dr and Mrs Rajpura in Batley. He also visited Al Hikmah Community Centre.