WBVF Hon Secretary Visit to VVUK North Office – April 2019

World Bharuchi Vahora Federation (WBVF-India)’s Hon Secretary Janab Hanifbhai Patel Matrix visiting VVUK North Office – April 2019

Members of the VVUK North Team were very pleased to welcome Janab Hanifbhai Patel Matrix to VVUK office-Bolton. Hanifbhai briefed the development of Bharuchi Vahora initiatives and activities in India, particularly in Bharuch areas. He informed us that WBVF’s office is up and running in Bharuch. Many community oriented projects are now in motion. Our team and members in Bharuch are doing well and we are excited about this movement of uniting and empowering Bharuchi Vahora community from local to global. He congratulated the VVUK North Team for their achievements so far and thanked them for their warm welcome and hospitality.