Pride of Vahoras

Successful Business lady with a touch of social work, Anisa Mallu

If her past achievement is any indication, there is no doubt that one will hear more of Anisa Mallu’s success in the future. Anisa has the talent, courage and vision of achieving many more greater things in her life.


“Success is what happens after you’ve survived all your mistakes!”


Anisa Mallu was born and raised in Bolton in a middle class family. Her father Haji Yakubbahi Mallu was a mill worker in early days of migrant settlement from India and mother Hajiyani Fatima Mallu stayed home and looked after the family. Her mother worked hard at home raising 4 children, sister Nasim, brother Yaseen, brother Siddiq, and including Anisa.  Anisa is 1 of 4 siblings.

Her journey of success started in 2008 when she was working in Wigan town centre where she was carrying out beauty treatments from a small market stall. It became very popular and expanded in to a 4 floor salon. This amazing achievement was a like a dream come true for Anisa.

Anisa didn’t ever think that she would achieve this type of great success so quick and from there on the doors of success opened for her.

“One of the reasons for the early success and good start in business is my family support, especially my Dad and Mum, plus, I had passion, vision and courage. And I wanted to become successful so badly so I utilised all my energy and resources to achieve what I wanted to achieve and the journey began.” Said Anisa.

By the time 2016, the Salon was a 5 star rating by the good salon guide making this beautiful salon a 5 star rating. Looking at her Salon’s popularity based on good quality services, very soon she was given the award for best salon in the North West Award in 2018. What an accomplishment at such a young age! And this happened because she was constantly chasing her dream to become the best in this field and to become successful.

To be recognised in the Hair and Beauty industry with in such a short time scale with this phenomenal award is an achievement in itself.

No one can stop her now, as she then took the leap in the aesthetics industry which is the fasting moving industry in the world! Anisa currently working towards setting up a training academy in the hair and beauty industry. It going to be a unique adventure as not many women from BME background in the Northwest would have thought of.

While she was busy setting up her Hair and Beauty Saloon, Training Academy, in 2015, Anisa and her father Haji Yakubbahi Mallu bought a food catering company, Royal Exotic Catering which they worked very hard in making this company one of the biggest and best catering company’s in the north west.

The Royal Exotic Catering Company is becoming the household name in the world of good quality food with excellent services. The most they have catered for in a weekend is 7,000 record breaker for Ijtima. Today her catering company have government and cooperate food catering contracts with the University of Bolton, NHS, BT, etc. Another remarkable achievement and success.

 “I believe that to be successful you don’t need a degree or A stars but I believe that success comes with hard work, consistency, self-discipline and Allah’s help!”, Anisa sharing her secret of success for our respective readers, especially trying to inspire women of our society.

When we asked Anisa about the definition of success, she replied, “Success isn’t having a big car, big house or designer clothes. Success in my eyes is contentment of the heart believe that success comes with hard work, consistency, self-discipline and Allah’s help. And having with supportive and loving family. I never thought I would be so successful in life, this is definitely my parent’s duas.”

Anisa ended her interview with great wisdom, “success is what happens after you’ve survived all your mistakes!”

Late Hon. Haji Mohammed Ahmed Munshi alias “Munshi Manubarwala”

With deep and profound grief we like to inform our readers that on the 23rd November 2018, Late Hon Munshisaheb passed away. Late Hon Munshisaheb was the Founder and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of “Munshi Manubarwala Memorial Charitable Trust-Gujarat-India.”

He devoted all his life to charitable causes and until his final moments remained committed to the Trust and promotion and the development of education and social welfare.

This self made millionaire man of Manubar (Gujarat, Bharuch district) and great son of Bharuchi Vahora Patel, the visionary, the man with dreams, the man of inspiration, the man of positive thinking, the philanthropist and the man who loved his community so much. The youngest of the enterprising sons of the well-known and cultured Munshi family of Manubar, Gujarat, Bharuch, Late Hon Mohammed Munshisaheb was born on 9th December 1930. This great entrepreneur of humble origin rose to great heights, made generous contributions to many welfare projects through charitable activities and earned for himself and the Munshi family the title of “Hatim Tai of Bharuchi Vahora Patel community.

His creation of the Munshi Vidyadham in Bharuch has progressed so well in this short period of that his eldest brother Late Hon Abdurrahim Munshi described it as “nothing short of a miracle.” Under his guidance and inspirational leadership the Trust manages several educational, vocational, recreational and social welfare projects like, Munshi Vidyadham, Slum Area Balwadies, Haji Vali Bapu Dashanwala Primary School for Boys, Aleef English Medium School, Munshi Secondary & Higher Secondary School, Munshi Mahila B.Ed. College, Haji Ahmed Munshi Industrial Training Institute, Amina Munshi Industrial Training Institute, Munshi Sports Academy, Gifted 30 Project, Computer Training and Islamic Pre Marital Counselling Courses, great facilities at Campus, mentioning few.

Late Munshisaheb has left this transitory world passing on the Munshi family tradition of generosity, charity, community welfare and community spirit to his two sons – Munavvarbhai and Mustaqbhai. Late Munshisaheb will be long remembered for his profound and charming personality, simplicity, humble nature and great concern for the poor and the needy of the society. He was ardent supporter of Vahora Voice UK (VVUK) and made significant contribution for the establishment of VVUK.  VVUK would like to salute and like to pay great tribute to this great man.


Late Hon. Mohammed Musa Sufi alias 
Sufi Manubari

In the British Diaspora Literature Late Hon Sufisaheb’s name is in the forefront. Late Sufisaheb can rightly be identified in the same category of “Hazalkars” as I.D. Bekarsaheb who was not only the greatest “Hazal Supremo” but also the kingpin in establishing the “Gujarat Ghazal Mandal” the first and foremost of its type of organisation decades ago in Gujarat-India.

Late Hon Mohamed Moosa Sufi alias Sufisaheb was born on 14th January 1933 in a village called Manubar, situated in District Bharuch of Gujarat State, India. From early age his interest and continuation of his literary activities, his stories, poems and articles have acquired a place in very many reputable magazines and newspapers in India.

In 1962, at the very young age of approximately 30 years, he migrated to UK. Apart from his very minimum financial asset in those early days, Late Sufisaheb’s priceless asset was his love and knowledge of Gujarati Language and Literature, coupled with in-depth vocabulary of various dialects of the Gujarati speaking population in general and the Bharuchi Vahora Patels in particular.

He was a member of the Gujarati Writers’ Guild-UK for all his life and performed in hundreds and thousands of Gujarati and Multilingual Mushairas throughout the UK. His number of publications including, “Takelan Tir (1979),” “Dhabako (1998),” “Ramuji Ramakhan (2009),” “Gujarati Translation of Stories of Moulana Rumi (1986)” are his notable and valuable literary work.

Since the inception of the Gujarati Writers’ Guild-UK in 1973 till his last breath, Sufisaheb became so popular and demanding through his hilarious Hazals and Muktaks presented by him in his simplistic exclusive style that in every poetry gathering held by the Guild, or other organisations, Sufisaheb’s presence became inevitable.

Late Sufisaheb gained tremendous love, respect and recognition, not only form the British Gujarati Diaspora, but also globally as well from poets and writers. Sadly, Sufisaheb passed away after a very short illness on Sunday 24th September 2017. He has left a legacy of hilarious poetry with sharp social and political messages. Sufisaheb’s outstanding contribution to preserve and promote Gujarati language and literature in the UK will be remembered for a long time.


Late Hon.
Haji Ibrahim Nathalia – “Tankaria Ratna”

 Haji Ibrahim Vali Nathalia was born in village Tankaria, District Bharuch, Gujarat, India on 18/12/1937. He obtained his primary and secondary education in Tankaria and left for Africa at a very young age. He settled in Congo (now Zaire) where he established himself as a successful businessman and became prosperous. He was well known among the local people there because he was socially very active and was always at the front in all social, cultural and religious activities. He was respected not only by his own people, but by the local government officials and even the Indian High Commissioner and their staff.

He was very generous, very soft and very kind of heart and always willing to help others. In the early days of settlement, he supported others in settling down in that foreign land and earning a livelihood for themselves and their families. A close friend of late Mohamed Munshi of Manubar, he even helped him in times of difficulties when Congo was going through political upheaval and uncertainty. During his difficult days in Africa, Mohamedbhai received tremendous help and support from Ibrahimbhai Nathalia. He not only offered financial support, but provided Mohamedbhai with accommodation in his own home. Mohamedbhai has never forgotten this favour and, remembering him with gratitude, he often used to say to his friends: “Whatever I have achieved in business is due to the initial support and encouragement I had received from a very generous and kind hearted gentleman called Ibrahim Nathalia. I can never forget him.”

Zaire was constantly under a turmoil and as things got worse, all Asians were forced to leave the country under the policy of “Zairization”. Realizing that life was no longer safe in Africa anywhere, Ibrahimbhai also packed up his bags and said goodbye to Africa around 1975 and came to live with his wife and family in the city of Leicester, UK. Here again he played an active role in many social, cultural, literary and religious activities and made a huge contribution towards the construction of the new masjid in Evington area of Leicester known as Masjid-e-Umar. He frequently helped the Gujarati Literary Group, Leicester in organising Mushairas and other literary events and thus provided much needed encouragement to the local writers and poets.

During his retirement, he used to visit India every year where he entertained friends and relatives with lavish dinner parties as was his habit. He was always surrounded by friends and well-wishers and very much respected by the young and the old of his village. He was truly a selfless man, never expecting anything from the people he helped. He is said to have helped a number of his close relatives, his family members, and numerous other people of his village. He even provided financial support to poor people, students, widows and small traders. He purchased them the tools of the trade and encouraged them to do some work, some small business and learn to earn their own livelihood. He was always there to provide necessary support if needed. It is for this reason that people of the village still remember him with love and respect. In appreciation of his contribution to the welfare of the village, he was awarded the title of “Tankaria Ratna”.

He loved education and wanted to see his village boys and girls get quality education from the primary level. To this end, he established I.N.Vidyalay in Tankaria at his own expense where children can get a good start educationally and make desired progress as they advance. This Vidyalay is still up and running, providing a number of children an opportunity to get good, quality education locally.

He loved his village and his village folk so much that It was said that although his body was in a foreign land, his heart was always in his village. He had a great feeling for the Bharuchi Vahora Patel community and desired to see it united and prosperous. He always strived in his own way to make the condition of this community better in all respects.

In his last days, he spent a lot of time at the masjid he helped to build, praying and reciting the Quran. After a short illness, this much loved and much respected man left this transitory world on 18/08/2007 and was buried in Leicester. For his generosity and humble nature, he will be remembered for a long time not only by his village people, but also by the Vahora community and the residents of Leicester.


Dr Adam Tankarvi

VVUK team participating in an International Gujarati Literature Conference – London – aim of the conference was to promote and preserve Gujarati language , literature and culture organised by the Gujarati Sahitya Academy London – VVUK Officer Imtiaz Patel Varediawala was one of the main speakers at the conference – VVUK Advisor Dr Adam Tankarvi was Honoured Fellowship by the Gujarati Sahitya Academy for his outstanding contribution for the preservation and promotion of Gujarati poetry , and literature!


Aziz Tankarvi

All India Memon Jamaat Federation presented an award to Aziz Tankarvi (Editor of Gujarat Today Daily Newspaper, writer, poet, community and social activist) for his outstanding services in the field of media and for preservation and promotion of Gujarati literature. All India Memon Jamaat Federation recognised and appreciated his long standing services in respective areas. The award was presented in April 2019.


Hon Adam Hafizji Ismail Patel (Lord Patel )

Late Hon Adam Hafizji Patel was elevated to the peerage in 2000 after an exemplary history of supporting and encouraging private enterprise and the improvement of race and community relations both in Lancashire-UK, where he lived for many many years, and on the national stage.

Lord Patel was born in Karmad, Bharuch-District, Gujarat, India. He completed his initial education in Karmad, Bharuch then he completed his tertiary education at the M S University of Baroda, where he read for a Degree in Commerce, Business Management and Accountancy.

Having moved to England, he worked for a firm of accountants in Blackburn and then in Preston from 1967 to 74. He spent brief time in Lusaka and Zambia. On his return to England, he became, has remained until 1997, Managing Director of his company, Comet Cash and Carry Company Limited, based in Blackburn-UK.

Almost from the first moment that Lord Adam Patel set foot in England back in 1965, he became actively involved in community issues and British mainstream politics. He joined the labour party in 1966. Then he became members of several organisations. In 1967, he founded the Indian Workers Association. In addition, he served his community for several years as a Justice of the Peace. He was a founder member of Blackburn Community Relations Council. He offered his services to the North West Conciliation Committee of the Race Relations Board, member of the Home Secretary’s Race Relation Advisory Forum, member of the East Lancashire Racial Harassment Partnership. He was the founder member of the Lancashire Council of Mosques. He was also involved in setting up Inter Faith Forum. He was one of the Councillors of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Lord Patel was active in encouraging free enterprise. He was a Non-Executive Director of Lancashire Enterprise plc. He was an Executive Member of the Board of Blackburn City Challenge. He was the founder and Director of East Lancashire Training and Enterprise Council (ELTEC) and Blackburn Partnership. He was the President of the Asian Business Federation, the Director of Careers Services Enterprises, Founder of the West Brookhouse Community Association. Lord Patel was awarded two Honorary Fellowships; one at the Bolton Institute and one from the University of Central Lancashire. He served as the President of Bicknell Street Mosque and Tauheedul Islam Girls High School.

In recognition of my Lord Adam Patel’s political and social services, the then Prime Minister Tony Blair and HM Queen Elizabeth honoured him with peerage and made him Lord Adam Patel of Blackburn. As an Indian Bharuchi Gujarati Vahora Muslim, he was always felt proud of this honour.

Lord Patel felicitated as many as 36 national and international organisations, including Chamber of Istanbul Province-Turky, City of Houston Texas, Arab Republic of Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Indian High Commission, Hon. Fellowship awarded by the UCLAN, Hon. Doctorate of Social Sciences by University of Bolton, Hon. Fellowship, Bolton Institute of Higher Education, Hon. Citizen Award –the Mayor of the City of Houston, Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.

Marhum Hon Adambhai Fansiwala passed away on Wednesday, 29th May 2019. He was buried in Blackburn cemetery in the presence of hundreds of people who came from all over Britain and from around the world to attend his funeral and also to pay a great tribute to this great man who was inspiration for many individuals in social and political arena. As we know, Marhum Hon Adambhai Fansiwala led an exemplary life both as an individual and as a member of our community. We at VVUK, proud to say, we are following his legacy and trying to walk on his path of Uniting and Empowering Bharuchi Vahora Community. Nearly 20 years ago, Late Hon Lord Adam Patel laid the foundation of the movement for Uniting and Empowering the community. VVUK has now taken the initiatives and is working hard to build on that foundation to achieve its lofty objective of uniting and empowering the Bharuchi Vahora Patel community here in the UK and worldwide.


Sir Alimuddin Zumla

Sir Professor Alimuddin, proud son of Marhum Haji Ismail Zumla (Haldarva) and Marhuma Hajiyani Aman Zumla (Vahalu), being ‘Knighted’ by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal (Priness Anne) at a Knighthood investiture ceremony held at Buckingham Palace, London in October 2017. ‘Sir’ Professor Alimuddin Zumla received his Knighthood (KBE) for “Services to Public Health and Protection from Infectious Diseases.”

A Knighthood (KBE = Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order) is a Royal award given by HM The Queen or a member to an individual for a major, long term, contribution in any field of work, usually having a major impact by serving humanity at an international level. A Knighthood is the highest civilian honour an individual in the United Kingdom can achieve.

Ayaz Bhuta

Native of Bolton’s Ayaz Bhuta, is part of the new crop of young talented players to enter the national squad since London 2012. Born with Roberts Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the growth of bones in the arms and legs, Ayaz stands at just 3’ 7” but what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in character and talent. Originally a wheelchair basketball player, Ayaz started playing club rugby in 2009, and found the more physical elements of the game suited him better.

He was selected to play in a tri-nations tournament in Australia in 2010; Ayaz returned from Australia disappointed after being warned that his size meant he would be unlikely to succeed at international level. However, Ayaz is nothing if not persistent. He stuck with the game and was selected for the GBWR Development Squad in 2011.

At his first Development Squad tournament (Rugby Mania 2012) Ayaz was voted ‘Best in Class’ and from then on he went from strength to strength. In 2013 he made his full GB debut at the Denmark Challenge Cup, where he was again voted ‘Best in Class’.

In Canada Cup 2014 Ayaz was again named the best 2.5 of the tournament. Since his debut Ayaz has developed immensely as a player and was consistently part of the Rio 2016 Paralympic starting line.

Ayaz was a key player in the team’s success at the European Championships in 2017 and is constantly working hard on and off court. Recently having involvement in a charity for young migrants and refugees, Ayaz is looking to continue that work through being a mentor.

Rio 2016 Paralympian 🇧🇷., GB Wheelchair Rugby Athlete 🇬🇧. 2x, European Champion & 1x Bronze medalist

(source: Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Limited – GBWR )


Late Hon Ibrahim Adam Ismail Bhailok

Ibrahim Bhailok was born in Karmad and spent his childhood in Karmad and Bharuch. His primary education was in Karmad and later at a school in Ghasmandai area in Bharuch. Then he went to Pioneer High School where Musa Master was his teacher. Later Musa Master set up an English medium school called the Progressive School. 

On 29th August 1958, Late Ibrahim migrated to England. He boarded a KLM flight from Santacruz airport, Mumbai. He came via Bagdad and in 1958, there was a political revolution in Iraq. He was not aware of this. As soon as we landed in Bagdad, the army personnel started investigating. The situation was tense. There were army men all around. He managed to arrive at London Heathrow safely after spending a few days in Bagdad-Iraq. 

Late Ibrahim Bhailok settled in Preston and one of the reason why he came to Preston was because his sponsor Muhammad Bax Patel who was his uncle lived in Preston.  

He found everything strange in early days – weather, roads, houses, and people. People were very beautiful. He had to go to labour Exchange Office. 

Late Ibrahim Bhilok married to Bibi Ahmad Saliya Kamboliwala in 1953. In his happy family he has Mehmooda, Yusuf, Hasina, MustaqHanifa and Ayyub. We have 19 grandchildren and 20 greatgrandchildren. My wife and son Yusuf who was five and Hasina who was two and a half joined him in UK in 1962. 

He remembered that in those days, it was not easy to find a job. In one place No Vacancy was written in three languages – Gujarati, Hindi and English. After remaining unemployed for four months, he got a job at Parkinson Biscuit Factory. After sometime, they abolished the night shift so he lost his job. Then he started as quality controller in Courtaulds. Then in 1967, Late Ibrahim Bhailok opened his own grocery and halal meat shop. This was the first halal meat shop in Lancashire. Soon he also set up halal food Shalimar Café. Thus he was the first to create provision for halal food in Lancashire. Later he entered property business and today his sons have developed it into a flourishing multimillion pounds enterprise. 

Marhum’s companions in those days were the Kabir family, Yakub Bhatia, Ismail Nabipuri, Ismail JingaSuleman DayadrawalaYusuf Pariejwala. His uncle Dr Mohammad Patel has always provided help and support. 

Late Ibrahim Bhailok was very active in social, political activities. His father had taught him to work for the welfare of the society. Marhum had closely worked with then Labour MP Stan Thorn and Preston Councillor and MP Ron Atkinson, and helped in a positive way many Asians who had immigration problems. 

He remembered an incident concerning religious practice. They had planned to pray Eid salah in Avonham Park, Preston in 1959. It snowed heavily on that day. They were all praying. An Englishman saw this and called the police saying that something unusual was happening in the park. The Inspector Harry Tailor came followed by the media. They realised that we were only praying. The Inspector later arranged for us to hire a hall or pray in the market. Such racial harmony existed in those days. 

On days off, he used to go to the town centre or to Blackpool Road Cinema House. Marhum recalled the golden days and stated that the community in those days was not very rich, but people were friendly and helped each other. Today the lifestyle has changed and most people are self-centred. The young generation has lost the direction. They should follow the example of their elders, work hard, keep an open mind and adopt a constructive, positive approach. Marhum Ibrahim Bhailok will be remembered for his courage, for setting the pathway for many entrepreneurs, and for his legacy in social and welfare work. 


Yousuf Mohamed Ibrahim Bhailok 

Yousuf Mohamed Ibrahim Bhailok, but most people know him as Yousuf Bhailok Prestonwala, the Preston based property multimillionaire. He was born in 1956 in a village called Karmad in Bharuch district in India. Karmad is a village in the tehsil of Jambusar in the Bharuch District of Gujarat-India. Small village but very well educated, many families, including youths have settled around the world. The village reflects multifaith population and everybody lives in harmony and peace respecting each other. 

Yousuf Bhailok’s nursery education, for just a few weeks, at the boys Kumarsara in the village at Karmad. He was only five years old but distinctly remember that his teacher used to say that, “Oh, Yousuf you will be going to London (people knew the UK as London) soon.” Childhood in Karmad and living with a very big extended family taught him some valuable lessons right from the beginning.  Humble childhood, but his parents, his Grandparents, other senior members of the family, and especially his Mother laid the sound foundation and provided him with unconditional love and a great sense of security. However, Yousuf Bhailok believe, parents can only give good advice or put us on the right path, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in our own hands. 

Yousuf Bhailok’s father already left India to come to England in late 1958. He was one of the very early arrivalsWe all should especially the young generation value and respect our first generation for their sacrifices and laying the right foundation for prosperity for us here in the UK. 

Yousuf Bhailok flew by MEA – Middle Eastern Airline. June 23rd1962. He arrived in the UK with his Mother, Sister Hasina and Auntie Jubeda, wife of my Uncle Babukaka Prestonwala. Even at the age of only five, he managed to get Suit made for him because he was going to London. He remember as a boy, his first impression of the British culture that they had high standards, good manners and good practices. 

His Father Late Ibrahim Adam Ismail Bhailok bought two properties in 1960 at 8/9, Guy’s Rows, were in the town centre, just off Church Street, Preston. At no 8, he lived in the two bedroom house, as a family and in no 9 single bachelors, family and friends lived. Marhum Father bought these through private mortgage for a few hundred pounds. 

Once we all got settled and after that initial excitement, time to move on with realities. Two months later in 1962, he was enrolled in the Parish Church Primary School. His Head Teacher was Miss Dorothy Williams, the teacher, the mentor and his guide, who played a very important role not only in his student life but in his life generally because she nurtured his leadership characteristics and as a result of this training Yousuf Bhailok became successful in his personal and professional life. Mr Buck was the only male teacher in the school. He was the first Asian student at that time. Everybody, the white students, the teachers and the other school staff were very curious to know anything and everything about India. Yousuf Bhailok could not speak fluent English but in a matter of short time he learned to speak and write the English language like other students, in fact it may not be an exaggeration, but even better than his counterpart, because as a student he was very hungry to learn something new every day, and of course learning the English language was close to his heart. Yousuf Bhailok believe, wherever you go if you want to become successful, than you must learn the language, cultureabout the people and society you live in and should know the history of that respective place or a country. 

During his student years at the Parish Church School under the leadership of Miss Dorothy Williams he learnt valuable virtues like discipline, manners, balance, concentration, respecting each other regardless of race, culture and other backgrounds 

There was no Madrasa (evening school for Islamic teaching) at that time so Moulana Ali used to come to his house to teach them necessary Islamic knowledge. 

In 1967 my Late Father being an entrepreneur, decided to leave the job and start his own business. His Late Father opened Lancashire’s first Asian Halal Cafe called “Shalimar”. His Mother, not only a good mother when it comes to our sound upbringing but she is a good cook. She used to make all types of Indian, particularly, Gujarati dishes, helping his Dad with his business. Yousuf Bhailok used to be their helper serving customers with warm-fresh chapatti-Dal Gost & chawal (Indian Gujarati style meat curry with rice), chicken curry, Gujarati pakodas. Indian tea etc. His Late Father closed down the cafe and opened grocery shop business in 1968. His first family car was Green Thanes, car registration number SCK 420.  

From 1967 to 1972 he was a student at the Ashton Ribble Secondary School. This is where he met one of his best friends Yunus Kasamdi who became a famous cricketer and played for Lancashire County. 

In secondary school Yousuf Bhailok was taught the importance of perseverance, patience, and endurance. This was the important phase of his life where Mr Sanderson and other teachers were cultivating academic and personality development qualities in him. 

From 1972 to 1975 he joined The Preston Sixth Form College. He won The Mayer’s prize which is very prestigious for any student for his commendable performance. He passed 11 O levels. While studying he started working part time for On Call Ltd was a doctors out of hours deputising service, first ever to start in Preston. He was about 16yrs old earning 40p an hour. This was a good lesson. 

After successfully completing his college, he joined Preston Polytechnic undertaking his legal studies course which is now known as UCLAN-University of Central Lancashire.  He also attended Manchester Business School, did a New Entrepreneurs Programme and he completed his B.A Hons. in Law and Business studies from Manchester University. By the time he completed his graduation, and he learnt that successful person must harmonize his/her thoughts, speech, focus and action. 

In 1982 Yousuf Bhailok got married to his wonderful lady Almas Abdullah Chunia Jolly Manubarwala. She was the first Muslim lady to have qualified from the National Engineering Department, which is equivalent to Oxford University. She is the first Muslim Helicopter pilot flying helicopter for 10 yrs for recreational purposes. We have been living in a joint family for more than 30 yrs. We are proud parents of three sons and one daughter. Yousuf Bhailok and Almasben believe that we must make our children proud of their Islamic heritage, we should maintain our traditional values but equally be open minded in our approach and outlook. We should let the kids, go on their own journeys in life, guide and nurture them, but let them choose their own careers, their own goals and let them aspire to whatever is their call and vocation. The reason for happy married life is equality and respect. 

Yousuf Bhailok saved £500.00 while he was working and bought a property at 18Avenham Terrace and sold it for £3000.00. Than he bought another property in 1 Avenham Terrace, after conversion to 4 flats, and sold it to £90,000. In 1978 he heard that the Polytechnic wants to expand their operation and they have vision to develop this institution from 5000 student to 25,000 students offering more than 20 courses attracting some foreign students. By this time his business instinct had grabbed him and he started focusing on property business. He applied for a loan and bought a factory for £50,000. After the renovation he sold this factory for 1 million pounds and He made his first million at the age of 27 for which he and his family members are very proud of.  

Yousuf Bhailok opened his own Property Investment Company called Acebench Ltd. He believe, with the blessing of Allah, Duaas (prayers) from parents, good wishes from well wishers, hard work, dedication, the business he started with £500 turned into multimillion pound worth property business. It expanded from local to national level as well. 

He teamed up with Louise Ellmand-Chair of the Lancashire County Council, Marhum Adambhai now known as Late Lord Adam Patel of Blackburn, we opened “Lancashire Enterprise Ltd”, the first of its kind in the UK, public & private sector working together which provided training and job opportunity to many Asians. In 1980/81 he facilitated to set up the “Preston Muslim Forum” to develop Muslim community development projects. 

 Along with Late Lord Adambhai Patel, Mr Rafiq Malik and others, he set up Lancashire Council of Mosques as an umbrella organisation for the mosques. Through his team as Chair of Lancashire Council Mosques (LCM), he recommended many for Magistrates position, as it is important for Muslims to participate and contribute in all respective fields. He was one of the founding members and also Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), post the Rushdie affair. He has been a member of the Union of Muslim Organisation. He enjoyed working with Dr Pasa while he was at UMO. He has been working with the Lancashire Constabulary for over 25yrs in different capacity. From 1984 to 1994 he served as a Chair and Secretary of Jamia Masjid.  

Yousuf Bhailok was one of the pioneers to set up “Housing Association”. In 1992 he initiated a project called “Muslim Education Development Project” in partnership with LCM. He has been working with number of local, national and global charities, including Muslim AID.  

He was one of the founder members of the “Bharuchi Vahora Association”.  One of the pioneers to set up First Darool Ulum “Aljamatul Islamia Darululum of Lancashire – Higher Islamic College and Centre for Islamic Knowledge”. He has been the Vice Chair of Preston and West Lancashire racial Equality Council. 

Yousuf Bhailok believe we must participate in the mainstream of British society at all levels, local and national. Our task is to work constructively and positively for change within. Muslim community is part of British society now. Let’s make our mark.” He took his Mother and Father to the Queens Garden Party, just to make a point that Asians believe in inclusive society and our values are still important. And it was my way of saying thank you to my Mother for what she has done for our family. 

He is a member of the OCI – Organisation of Islamic Countries an organisation with the membership of over 25 Muslim countries. In 2001, pre Iraq, when he attended OIC International Conference as observer status for the MCB, he said, “The time has come when the Islamic World and leadership will have to unite and will have to play a critical role in this global political crisis. All Islamic scholars, academics, government functionaries, Imams, business community and Islamic intellectuals will have to come to gather to protect the future of Muslim Ummah. Time to recognise to live with dignity or to lose our dignity.”   

In just over 50 years living in the UK, now they have 5 generations of the Bhailok family in the UK.  He believe that the Gujarati ladies are the most loyal, hardworking and caring women, they are our best assets and these ladies are behind the success of Vahora men. Not seen or heard, but keep us all going all the time with their unconditional love and care. We started in the UK with a small family, now nearly 200 of us have settled in the UK. Alhamdolillah! (By Allah’s Grace). 

From horse and cart in the Karmad village, to now Rolls Royce and helicopters, through Allah’s (God’s) grace, parents blessings.  


Councillor Hasina Khan Argamawala

History was made when Councillor Hasina Khan became the first Indian Muslim woman to hold the position of Mayor in Lancashire, UK after being the first Asian woman elected to serve as a councillor in Lancashire, back in 2006. Councillor Hasina Khan with her ancestral roots in Argama, Gujarat, India who represents the Chorley East Ward, is playing leading role as a Councillor and also as the Mayor to promote community cohesion and inclusion across the Borough.

The Mayor Councillor Hasina Khan moved to Chorley from Argama, Gujarat, India in the mid-60s. She attended local schools St James’s Primary School and Albany High School (now Albany Academy), before starting her career as a freelancer for Radio Lancashire and for Pakistan based newspaper Daily Jang. She was one of the founding member of community based “Asian News Agency”, empowering community through effective media coverage and media trainings.

In the mid to late 90s, Councillor Hasina trained as a Youth Officer working for Lancashire County Council. She went on to manage the advice centre for young people and trained at Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) as a generalist advisor and First Outreach Officer. Before becoming active in the mainstream politics and before being elected as councillor in 2006, she also served as governor at both her former primary and secondary schools as well as chairing the Duke Street Children’s Centre.

In 2015, Councillor and the Mayor Hasina received much deserved credit for her outstanding community work, particularly for her focus on community cohesion and women empowerment; when she was awarded the “High Sheriff Award”, by the then High Sheriff, Amanda Parker. The award follow 13 years of work as the founder of the “Saheliyaan Asian Women Forum”, a group set up to provide support to address women’s needs. In 2017, she was also then elected onto Lancashire County Council, which was again a huge honour and achievement for Councillor Hasina.

One of Councillor Hasina’s children is already well-known in local politics as her daughter Zara who, works in the NHS as a nurse by day, was elected as a councillor back in 2016. The Mayor’s Consort, her husband Zafar Khan is supporting her in all her political, and social pursuit.

Councillor Hasina Khan has worked very closely with fellow leaders and Councillor Alistair Bradley, Councillor Peter Wilson to deliver the Equality Agenda for Chorley Council. Her political mentor Councillor Terry Brown and Sir Lindsay Hoyle has been working very closely with her.

As The Mayor of Chorley Councillor Hasina Khan and her Consort Mr Zafar Khan is supporting four charities during her term of office, which are Home-Start Central Lancashire, Derian House Children’s Hospice, Chorley Branch of The Royal British Legion, and Environmental Project in Chorley.

Councillor Hasina inspires many of us, particularly many women, to take up challenges and convert them into an opportunity to lead a life which is full of achievement and satisfaction.


Haji Ismail Ibrahim Kaduji

Haji Ismail Ibrahim Kaduji was born in Nabipur, Bharuch – District, Gujarat-India, now lives in Manchester-UK. He had his initial education up to the 11th standard at Nabipur School. Then he decided to go to Bharuch for further studies at R S Dalal Education Institution where he completed his Metric in English medium with 11 subject. Then he went to Bombay to study in Intermediate Science at Government‘s Ismail Yusuf College, Jogeshvari, Bombay. He started employment Bureau in Mumbai during this time. After completing his Intermediate Science study, he went to do B. Pharm in Ahmedabad.

Ibrahim Kaduji completed his 1st Degree in B. Pharm with flying colours. In fact, he was the first pharmacist in Bharuchi Vohra community at that time.

He came back to Mumbai after completing his B. Pharm. He got a high profile job working as a Research Chemist in Cipla. Bombay. After two years, He was working as a Pharmaceutical Drugs Inspector, which was Government Job. The Head office was in Delhi but he was posted in Mumbai responsible for the whole region.

In 1960 at the age of 27, Ismail Kaduji travelled to UK at the request of Indian Government to Study Forensic Science. Travelled via Mumbai – France – Italy – Newcastle UK.

Whilst studying he was offered a position as a Locum Pharmacist in Chelsea London.

He was invited to lecture in Manchester on “The phosphate metabolism of the brain “and Cytochrome C and the heart “. After giving this lecture he was immediately offered a very Prestigious, highly paid position with CWS (Cooperative Wholesale Society). As a research analyst running his own labs.

Later invited to run the research and development labs for Lankro Chemicals (later merged with Diamond Shamrock )


Consultant for BP and ICI for polyurethane chemicals, Owner of Export and Import of Chemicals Ltd EEC Ltd., Owner of FUJICO PENWRITE corporation Ltd


1) Degree in Pharmacy

2) Management degree in Chemical Industry from Manchester University

3) Awarded Fellow of Chemical Society

4) Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science from Howarth University USA


a) Phosphate metabolism of the Brain

b) Cytochrome C and the Heart

c) Biodegradability

d) Para AminoMorphaline (to replace Morphine)

e) Amino Acids

SOCIALLY – as a highly educated Indian, he was able to help our people from Bolton, Preston, Blackburn, Dewsbury, Lancaster etc to chair functions and more importantly, fill in application forms to bring families here from India, along with the usual tax and if required social security forms for our brothers and sisters.

MOMENT OF JOY AND PRIDE – His moment of pride and honour was to meet with INDIRA GANDHI then the Prime Minister of India and Founder of Congress Party, along with two dear brothers Ibrahim Nathalia and Soli Desai in a private meeting on her visit to UK in 1978.


To Facilitate and Purchase a church in 1978 in my home town of Eccles then to be able to create a wonderful Masjid with the help of three wonderful brothers who are no longer with us. May Allah swt Grant them Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen. Today the community and committee have renewed it into a large two storey building soon to be three storey to accommodate the wonderful growing number of devoted Muslims. (there is a separate floor for ladies Alhamdullilah)


Created the Bharuchi Vohra Employment Circle to generate employment for our people especially in Mumbai.

In 1955 Created the Bombay Patel Welfare Society.

Along with Mohammadbhai Patel and Yakubhai Sarodi collected enough funds to build the MUSAFIR KHANA in Bombay, now known as Mumbai, which still provide facilities for our community.

Haji Ismailbhai Kaduji is a recipient of Khidmat-e-Khalq Award by the Vahora Voice UK (VVUK) in June 2019 for his outstanding community services.