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Vahora Voice UK (VVUK) Progress Report (January 2018 to August 2019)

From: Chairperson, Members of Steering Committee, VVUK Team and VVUK Volunteers

On the 12th May 2018, we had a successful launch of VVUK at the Excellency Conference Centre in Bolton, which was well attended and supported by community leaders, community representatives, entrepreneurs, and prominent interested members of the Vahora community.

We have had overwhelming support from all the Bharuchi Vahora community, prominent members of Bharuchi Vahora Patels as well as other invited dignitaries.

Need for VVUK:

  • At present Bharuchi Vahora have no collective forum.
  • At present Bharuchi Vahora have no collective group or groups as such.
  • Bharuchi Vahora have no platform and no network. Hence, Bharuchi Vahora community have very little voice and limited engagement within and the wider communites.
  • VVUK can become a Voice and an effective platform for Bharuchi Vahora Community.

VVUK Aims and Objectives:

  • Uniting and empowering Bharuchi Vahora Community and connecting generations through education, cultural-social events and media.
  • Preservation and promotion of Bharuchi Vahora heritage.
  • Continuous Bharuchi Vahora Community research and data collection.
  • Creating recreational and health facilities.
  • Engaging young Vahoras with our heritage, and roots.
  • Creating a website and social media presence for Bharuchi Vahoras.
  • Creating global Bharuchi Vahora network and think tank.

VVUK’s Achievements:

  • Continuous consultation and networking throughout UK with Vahora community members.
  • Permanent office in Bolton. Fortnightly collaborations with the VVUK team.
  • VVUK Website fully functioning with regular updates and useful resources.
  • Represented Vahora Community in over 25 events including attending, civic events, political events, community events, cultural and literature events since the launch.
  • Publication of the VVUK e-magazine focusing on community news, success stories, children and women corner, youth voice, literature and history of Bharuchi Vahoras, highlighting guests from abroad, highlighting achievement of Bharuchi vahoras. Two editions of VVUK magazines have been published so far, hard and electronic copies of these editions are available from the website and by contacting the office at the below contact.
  • Autobiography (publication) of Late Muhammed Munshi Manubarwala to illustrate his life as a successful entrepreneur, a great visionary, a role model and an inspiration for the Bharuchi Vahora community throughout the globe.
  • VVUK hosted Community Recognition Event in June 2019 to recognise and honour those respected Vahoras for their outstanding community services from the Bharuchi Vahora community in the UK, which was attended by over 600 people including over 150 women and young vahoras. 30 Vahoras were recognised and honoured for their community services. This was one of many in the series of events to be held throughout the United Kingdom.
  • VVUK successfully launched the Bharuchi Vahora Matrimonial section in the VVUK Website, which has been very successfully, which is user friendly, confidential, secure data and GDPR compliance. The primary objective is to offer an introductory service for our young Bharuchi Vahora to find a suitable life partner. So far, we have received over 50 applications.

Our Vision:

VVUK to have paid staff for various admin duties such as matrimonial tasks, communications and office duties etc.

To establish a purpose built Vahora Community Centre with facilities for all age groups including women and youth.


You as a Vahora community play a pivotal role in making VVUK a success. Hence, on behalf of the organisation, we thanked you all for your support and looking forward to your continued support. VVUK would like to request potential supporters to participate.

Please note VVUK Bank Details:

Account Name: VVUK Ltd

Bank Name: Barclays Bank UK Plc

Sort Code: 20-55-41 Account Number: 40106313

How to Donate:

By regular direct debit, by making a single donation, remembering us in your will or if you wish to donate via cash or cheque.

Please send your cheques, payable to VVUK Ltd to:

VVUK Office, Unit 12/C, Kenyon Business Park, Pilkington Street, Bolton, UK., BL3 6HL

Thanking you for your support for vahora community unity and empowerment.

Website: http://www.vahoravoice.co.uk

Email: vvukbolton@gmail.com

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